Meet Chasity

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Likes: Chocolate!!!!
Hobbies and Activities: Dancing, modeling, acting, making funny videos, writing and reading.
Pets: My little brother ūüôā
Describe your Room: White and purple strips with tons of plaques and trophies.
Describe your Style: Everything girly ūüôā
Favorite Movie(s): My girl
Favorite Book(s): Wizard of oz
Favorite Food(s): Pasta and white rice
Favorite Dessert(s): Anything with chocolate
Favorite Color(s): Blue and purple
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Silly, funny and outgoing

Meet Kamryn

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Likes: Sports, Social Media, Animals, and FOOD

Hobbies and Activities: Soccer, Swimming, baking, and sleepovers

Pets: 2 Dogs Kole and Kayla

Describe your Room: Big, blue, with teal reading chairs. 

Describe your Style: Sporty and casual

Favorite Movie(s): Daddy’s Home and The Greatest Showman¬†

Favorite Book(s): The Shadow Children Series, Out of my mind

Favorite Food(s): mashed potatoes, bacon, and Alfredo Sauce on pasta

Favorite Dessert(s): Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Icing and Brownies

Favorite Color(s): Teal, Purple, and Gray

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Smart, Fun, and Strong

Anything Else: I LOVE to make slime 

Meet Jazmyn

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Likes: I like several things such as doing gymnastics, dancing, playing basketball, making slime, inventing things, acting, modeling, shopping, singing, playing the piano, making arts and crafts, making bracelets, getting my hair and nails done. I also like reading, writing and math.
Hobbies and Activities: I have several hobbies and activities that I like to do like gymnastics, dance, shopping, cleaning, cooking, inventing, reading, writing and organizing things.
Pets: I have only one hamster pet and we named him Brutus Ivan. My dad picked the name Brutus and I picked Ivan.
Describe your Room: My room is a fun room. I have posters all over the place. It is messy because I forget to clean it. We have bunked beds so I sleep on the bottom while my brother sleeps on the top bed.
Describe your Style: My style is fashionable, I like to wear jeans with a cute top. I also like to wear a lot of tights since I am always dancing or doing some type of exercise so I need to feel comfortable. I also love wearing sneakers.
Favorite Movie(s): My favorite movies are Descendants 1 and 2, Ella Enchanted, What Happened to Monday, Beauty and the Beast, Black Panther and Cinderella.
Favorite Book(s): My favorite books are Witch Wars, Lunch Money and Judy Blume books
Favorite Food(s): My favorite foods are pasta, chicken, BBQ ribs, spinach with chips, broccoli, grapes, strawberries, raisin bread, tomatoes and rice.
Favorite Dessert(s): My favorite desserts are chocolate cake, chocolate donut, chocolate ice cream, chocolate everything!!!!!!!
Favorite Color(s): My favorite colors are pink and baby blue
Three Words to Describe Yourself: I would describe myself as unique, funny and intelligent.
Anything Else: I get good grades as school, my favorite shows are Andi Mack, Bunk’d, Raven’s Home and Stuck in the Middle. I have one older brother. I also have lots of hair. I love to write. My favorite songs are New Rules, Friends, Scars To Your Beautiful. I am also really good at drawing.

Meet Riley

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Likes: Singing, dancing,  gymnastics and animals.. 

Hobbies and Activities: Soccer, baking, 

Pets: 2 Dogs Kole and Kayla 

Describe your Room: I have a purple room and it’s full of music: keyboard, guitars, and speakers for my phone

Describe your Style: super casual t-shirts and jeans.. 

Favorite Movie(s): The Greatest Showman

Favorite Book(s): The Testing Series

Favorite Food(s): Chicken Pot Pie 

Favorite Dessert(s): Confetti Cake 

Favorite Color(s): Turquoise and aquamarine 

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Adventurist, funny, and kind.. 

Anything Else: I’m a super Liza Koshy fan…¬†

Meet Trisha

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Likes: Dancing and Modeling

Hobbies and Activities: Dancing, drawing, cooking, video-editing, acrobatics and swimming

Pets: Dog (a puggle), Tucker; Beta fish, Samson; outside pond Koi

Describe your Room: Light pink walls, dance-themed, and contemporary Glam style

Describe your Style: Colorful minimalist

Favorite Movie(s): Too many to choose from

Favorite Book(s): Frozen Charlotte and many more

Favorite Food(s): dill pickles, pasta, salt and vinegar chips, buffalo wings with ranch, and pickled eggs

Favorite Dessert(s): cheesecake

Favorite Color(s): pink, but also like blue, yellow and purple

Three Words to Describe Yourself: kind, friendly and empathetic

Anything Else: For my birthday I ask for donations to different organizations in place of presents.  I am in the National Junior Honor Society. I love giraffes.  I love Stranger Things.

Meet Melody

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Likes: I love to sing, dance, entertaing people, make bracelets and create and invent cool stuff.
Hobbies and Activities: Dancing,¬†Singing,¬†Inventing,¬†Acting,¬†Making new friends,¬†Baking,¬†Creating new gear, perfumes, soaps, painting’s and art, and bracelets,¬†Reading non fictions,¬†Scrap booking
Pets: I have a pet chihuahua. His name is Buddy and he is 1 years old. He is black and white with big brow eyes. He is so cute.
Describe your Room: My room is very cool. It is multi colors. But mainly pink and teal. My furniture is white (big bed with headboard and footboard, dresser with mirror). I have a big fluff teal throw rug that I made with my dad. I also made a clock with crayons and plastic spoons and forks for my wall. I have a few colorful painting that I made on the wall and a chandelier that I custom painted the lights pink and teal. I have an accent wall that has teal and white stripes. I also made a few pillows for my bed and a chest with fluffy purple top.
Describe your Style: My style I would say is sassy, classy and elegant. I love mixing bright colors with soft colors. And I love to be different.
Favorite Movie(s): I love Michael Jackson Moonwalk and I like to watch the Lion King movie
Favorite Book(s): Matilda, Judy Blume, The girl who could fly
Favorite Food(s): I love baked macaroni and cheese, grilled chicken with
Favorite Dessert(s): I love chocolate and watermelon
Favorite Color(s): My favorite colors are teal, pink and yellow
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Kind, Creative, Passionate

Meet Marissa

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Likes: Dancing, Modeling, hanging out with my friend, meeting new people through social media and while traveling with my dance team
Hobbies and Activities: Baking, crafts, Shopping, jumping on the trampoline and dance of course
Pets: Dog РKoda 2 cats Ashes and Celia
Describe your Room: Fun like me with a pick bedspread and tons of pillows 2 walls are Pink 2 walls are blue and the carpet is purple I have a loft bed from Ikea that has a built in desk with shelves and wardrobe and cork board
Describe your Style: Cute, trendy, and comfy
Dance – legging, shorts, hoodies, tanks and tees, sports bras
School – jegging, sweaters, ripped jeans, tops boots or nikes
Favorite Movie(s): Guardian’s of the Galaxy 1 and 2,¬† Live Action,¬† Beauty and the Beast,¬†Avengers,¬†Finding Dory
Favorite Book(s): The Ghost of Graylock
Favorite Food(s): Pizza, Ribs and Steak
Favorite Dessert(s): Chocolate Cake, Oreo Cheesecake Bites
Favorite Color(s): Pink, Blue and Purple -lick my Room 😍
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fun-loving, Goofy and loyal

Meet Jayleigh

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Likes: Dance competitions, going on adventures (like zip-lining), decorating my room, doing DIY projects, creating Music.lys and dressing up in fun clothes where I can show my flair for fashion.
Hobbies and Activities: Dancing-all styles from ballet to breakdance. Fashion, Modeling/Brand Influencer, Art/Painting/Ceramics, Watching silly Youtube videos and Making Slime
Pets: Jingle, a Papihuahua dog, Tiki and Lumos-Guinea Pigs
Describe your Room: It is beach themed and I love it! Aqua walls and lots of artwork that I mostly made myself!
Describe your Style: More of a sporty, pony tail kind of girl, but still love putting fun outfits together. I also love to do hair and make up for photo shoots and dance competitions.
Favorite Movie(s): Elf and Wonder
Favorite Book(s): Maxi’s Secrets
Favorite Food(s): Salad, Spaghetti and Hamburgers
Favorite Dessert(s): Lite Cherry Cheesecake
Favorite Color(s): Teal
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Creative, Funny and Outgoing
Anything Else: I am very confident and I am not afraid to stand out in a crowd. I love the be you/be yourself message.

Meet Addison

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Hobbies and Activities: I did all star cheer for 6 years and went to the Summit with my J3 team last May! This year I am trying gymnastics and I love it! I also love making youtube videos for my channel, esp makeup tutorials!
Pets: I have 2 guinea pigs, Toby and Cupcake, and 2 dogs, Lola and Oreo.
Describe your Room: My room is neat and colorful! I love lots of pillows on my bed and bright colors everywhere! I have a desk that I use as a vanity and my room is where I film a lot of my youtube videos. My guinea pigs sleep in my room too.
Describe your Style: My style is all over the place. Some days you might find me in joggers, chucks and a hoodie and others I might be head to toe trendy! I love converse and where them almost every day, in my opinion they go with EVERYTHING from a fancy dress or distressed denim to comfy clothes!
Favorite Movie(s): Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect!
Favorite Book(s): My Life as a Dog
Favorite Food(s): Peanut Butter
Favorite Dessert(s): Brownies
Favorite Color(s): I love all colors!
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Determined. Loyal. Kind.
Anything Else: I am really big on spreading the message of anti-bullying. I try to raise awareness anywhere and everywhere I can!

Meet Payton M

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Likes: Glitter, Glitter, and more Glitter!! I also love puppies and smile. I am obsessed with making all kinds of slime.
Hobbies and Activities: I am a competitive dancer and actress. I am currently working on a TV series as one of the leads, scheduled to air in 2018 and I am cast as young Queen Elizabeth in the play The Audience.
Pets: I do not have any pets as I travel all the time, I used to have a chinchilla though his name was Falco and I loved him very much!
Describe your Room: Think Paris meets ballet studio! I have a ballet bar in my room so that I can practice when I am not at the studio, and I also have a fluffy comfy chair that I like to do my school studies in. I love paris and have a big picture of the Eiffel Tower hanging in my room too.
Describe your Style: My style is modern with a girly twist. I love clean lines with accents of popping color like teal and green. I love girly chic clothes and boots! I love distressed jeans, but my favorite are a good pair of leggings. A cross between boho chic and sassy chic.
Favorite Movie(s): I am a die hard Shirley Temple fan. I love her style and grace. I also love Beauty and the Beast any version!
Favorite Book(s): I love the Dork Diaries series they are fun and light hearted. I am also reading a suspense book right know called Eight Keys. I love mystery and suspense books.
Favorite Food(s): Sushi!! I could eat it everyday. I also adore a good beagle and smear.
Favorite Dessert(s): Chocolate anything!!
Favorite Color(s): Teal and Lime Green!
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Loving – Confident – Generous
Anything Else: I embody the meaning of exploring my creativity and embracing a love for this beautiful world and those in it. I have a passion and drive to share with others. When I am not in front of a camera I love to get behind a good cause and advocate for it. I support anti-bulling and recently was fortunate enough to play a student in a feature film that brings this ever growing subject to life.